1.   We have enhanced and upgraded our search features including:

          A.  More “Search by Collection Specialties” categories

          B.   An International listee search

    2.   International Statute of Limitations (which is available nowhere else in the world except on our website)

    3.   The most up-to-date Bankruptcy Court information and Voice Case Information System phone numbers

    4.   Industry Resources: A comprehensive list of “screened and qualified” professionals who provide services to the collection industry

    5.   A continually updated Schedule of Industry Conferences

    6.   Users may add their own comments to a law firm’s profile on the ALQ website.  Those comments will be viewed only by members of your organization as the user who entered them.  Recently, this function has been enhanced.  Now, when you “Search the List,” any comments which have been entered by members of your organization on firms will show on the result list so that you can review your own comments and past experience on the various firms.  These comments can be anything you choose to notate such as the firm’s rates, coverage, performance, etc.  This makes it easier for users to accumulate information on the law firms they have used, and to find the best law firm for their needs.

    7.   The ALQ “Send a Collection Caseforwarding program now has been updated and improved:

          A.   With a personal password, you will obtain an easy log in for the protected “Search the List” and “Send a Collection Case” area of our website.

          B.   The ALQ system will capture cookies and automatically fill in the forwarding form for the “Send a Collection Case” function.  All a forwarder has to do to create an automatic electronic case transmittal is enter the creditor, debtor, $ due, and rate information and attach electronically any documents for the firm.


          C.   Unlike other web based forwarding systems, the ALQ website “Send a Collection Case”  is totally free of charge; and most importantly, your cases are automatically registered with ALQ for free bonding and access to our Service Department.

          D.   The ALQ system will send the original forwarding via email to the law firm selected and simultaneously send a message to the law firm from Tom Hamilton, our Executive Vice President, to make sure the listee has received and acknowledges receipt of your claim.  This checks and balances approach to the original forwarding has basically eliminated situations where listees have not received claims because of spam blockers, etc.

          E.   There are a series of e-letters built into the ALQ “Send a Collection Case” system that allows you to follow-up with the law firm you selected.  In addition, there is a template that allows you to send custom e-letters with minimal effort because your contact and case information is embedded in the system.

          F.   You can manage and view a list of the claims which you have forwarded through the ALQ website.  You can also view cases forwarded by others on your staff by clicking on their respective email addresses.  Your list of cases can be sorted by date, law firm, creditor, debtor, dollar amount, etc.  The “Editoption allows you to edit the case information.  For example, after the listee acknowledges the case, you can add their file number.  You can delete a case from your list if for some reason the firm cannot accept the claim.  If you click on the name of the law firm, you can send an email.  If you click on the entry under the heading “Follow Up Actions," you can review the correspondence                which you have sent and choose from a selection of other follow-up letters, or send your own custom personal e-letter.

          G. If it is necessary to resend your original forwarding to a receiving attorney, you do not have to recreate the message.  There is a simple key stroke option for automatically resending the claim.

    8.    Link to our LinkedIn discussion group—The ALQ Forum

    9.    Library of past issues of The Eagle, the ALQ newsletter, with a search feature for all articles published in those newsletters

    10.  Link to our video library of Webinars which have been hosted by ALQ on a variety of collection industry related topics.  These can be viewed at any time free of charge.

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