For some time now, an electronic forwarding program has been available on ALQ's website at for the use of forwarders of collection cases and other legal placements.  We want to be sure that all of our listees understand exactly how our website forwarding program works, so that there will be no confusion when the cases arrive in your office.

We occasionally receive inquiries from law firms who wonder how they should go about retrieving cases forwarded through our website.  The reality is that you need to do nothing except read your email in order to receive these claims.  They will come to your office as a series of two concurrent email messages.  Our system will first send you a message from, which will contain the name of the forwarder, creditor and debtor in the subject line, and it will alert you that the actual forwarding is on its way.  You will then receive a second message addressed from which contains the actual forwarding letter and all necessary details such as forwarder and debtor contact information, forwarding rates and requirements, and any supporting documentation which the forwarder may wish to attach.  These two messages should arrive within a very short time frame of each other.  If you do not receive the second message in a timely manner, you should contact either the forwarder directly or our office for assistance.

The forwarding message will contain the forwarder's own email address and will instruct you to promptly confirm receipt of the claim directly to them.  All future correspondence on the claim should be directed to the forwarder as well.  You do not need to contact us unless there is a problem which requires our assistance. 

The forwarding area of our website is password-protected, in order to prevent inappropriate use.  All of the claims that you receive through this medium will come from forwarding agents or law firms who have been screened and qualified by our Forwarding Department.  There are many forwarders who are using our website on a daily basis, and thousands of cases are flowing through this medium every month.

New claims will be directed to the email address that you have provided to us for your listing in the ALQ directory.  You need to be sure that someone in your office is monitoring that mailbox on a continuous basis.   If this is not the correct email address for receipt of new claims in your office, please let us know.  Some law firms set up a special email address just for this specific purpose, in order to assure that no claims are ignored if a particular individual is unavailable for a period of time.  It is also a good idea to "whitelist" the email addresses for and as well as any forwarders with whom you do business, to be sure that none of these important messages get caught in your spam filter.  If you are not familiar with this process, you should consult your email provider without delay.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these procedures, please do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance.   We appreciate your continued support of ALQ, and we want to do everything that we can to assure that business flows effectively and efficiently to the mutual benefit of all ALQ listees and users.

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